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ProjectConnect provides project developers and their engineers with their own unique categorised electronic library of suppliers.
ProjectConnect is an innovative and easy to use tool to communicate supply opportunities to industry.
ProjectConnect is environmentally friendly as it alleviates the need for suppliers to provided printed marketing material to project buyers.

Every week Australian projects, worth billions of dollars, and thousands of suppliers benefit from using ProjectConnect.

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BidWrite is a services company dedicated to helping its clients BUY BETTER and WIN MORE.
BidWrite specialises in tenders, proposals and grant submissions, from both seller and buyer perspectives.

How Not to Bid

A strategic, well managed approach to bidding will increase your chances of winning and reduce stress levels.
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Four Key Factors to Winning

Winning tenders involves more than just wrapping up a price in a nice cover. By approaching tendering in
a strategic way you will dramatically increase your chances of success.
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To Bid or Not to Bid?

Tendering can be time consuming and resource intensive. Most people also understand that scatter gun tendering and low win rates are demoralising. This means that you should be measured in your tendering approach and the decision to NOT bid is as important as deciding to proceed. But how do you know which tenders you should go after? Read the attached tender tip to learn the 5 important questions that should be asked to inform this decision...
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Ten elements of successful proposals

Tenders and proposals are mostly formed in a competitive context. This means that they must (1) appeal to the needs (and budget) of the potential customer and (2) demonstrate overall superiority in comparison with alternatives. Doing either (let alone both) is not easy; as many organisations will attest...
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Win Strategies

A tender without a clear value proposition is like a ship without a rudder. Sure you might win the contract, just as the ship might bear in the right direction, but that will likely be due to factors out of your control. A value proposition creates the framework for a compelling tender; it describes what is most important for your potential customer and supports framing of bid themes to ensure your messages come across in a clear and inviting manner. Read the following win strategies tip to help you analyse your next opportunity and position for, not drift toward, success.
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Who is managing your contract?

Why do supply and service contracts often draw to a close without sellers really knowing whether the outcome was successful or not? Click here for 5 simple contract management suggestions that promote success and position you for that next opportunity!
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Ways to Spot the "Wired” RFP

How can you tell if an RFP has been prepared to favour a particular company? Read here to learn some "Wired” RFP signs.
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5 Step Bid Process

Tendering can be stressful and time consuming, no matter how big or small the opportunity is. Discover how a 5 Step Bid process can get you back in control of your tendering activity.
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Are you thinking about Teaming with another company for your next bid?

Teaming is a strategy where two (or more) organisations agree to cooperate in a partnership to improve their chances of winning a bid. Bidding in a team situation adds another level of complexity to the bid.
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12 Tips to get your organisation ready to bid

Ever wish you had more time when bidding? Here are 12 tips for getting your organisation ready so that you can start actual bid activities from the first day the Request for Tender (RFT) documents hit your desk.
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The 5 Minute Tendering and Contracting Health Check

Strong procurement, through effective tendering and contracting, leads to securing of important service and material inputs and helps drive bottom line benefit through achieving the lowest total cost of those inputs.
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Tender Briefings - Valuable or Valueless?

Sizeable Request for Tender (RFT) processes will often involve a briefing to tenderers and maybe even a visit to inspect a proposed service site. The idea is that these events help tenderers better understand the requirement and allow the buyer to emphasize those things that are important. In turn, this leads to improved tenders and therefore better contracts.
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